About the Book

Deep within the subtle field is a central Core that holds both our unique essence and a breathtaking data-bank of knowledge which contains what can be termed an operations manual. For those of you who have wished life came with a set of " operating instructions", you will be happy to know that you have. They are inside of you. Care and Feeding of the Energetic Core is simply a "pre-manual" to help you find your own individual guidance package. This book contains some very basic information on subtle energy and many exercises on how to work with and care for your energetics. The goal has been to make this material practical and useful in an everyday sense. For example, if you want to be able to think clearly, you will have to be well grounded. If you want to be able to trust your inner hunches, your Core alignment will have to be strong. If you keep becoming enmeshed with other people and have difficulty maintaining healthy boundaries, you will need to know how to hold your center, keep the edges of your aura firm and control the monitoring that the second chakra likes to do.

This book provides guidelines for developing the basic skills for self-mastery.

In addition, this book provides guidelines for the development of the basic skills for self-mastery. Self-mastery is the ability to hold one’s true center across all internal or external conditions. In other words, no matter what is happening around you--hurricanes, arguments, birthday parties--you remain balanced within yourself and retain your capacity to be present and aware. Additionally, no matter what is happening inside of you-negative feelings, dark thoughts or great epiphanies--you remain awake and connected to your essential Self. The implications of embracing this capacity are astonishing: Once you know how to live from your Core, you can never be lost to yourself. You are always at home because home is something you have found within yourself. You are connected to your greatest clarity and to your creating Self.

The material in this book comes from a seminar series I teach, " Care and Feeding of the Energetic Core". The purpose of the course is to help people learn how to access, use, care for and protect this Core, which is the central portion of the subtle energy system of each person. The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM), a division of the National Institute of Health, is now calling this system the human bio-field. The information presented is a synthesis from many sources and traditions that the author has researched and studied for more than thirty years.

Beyond the general need to learn and grow, there is an additional reason that makes self-mastery so important. At this point in time we appear to be in an era of great transition. Many of our traditional sources of guidance are falling apart. Educational, health, religious, social and legal systems are de-structuring. In the past, they have all served as authoritative voices, providing guidance for what was right and true. Though painful and often confusing, this de-structuring is both allowing and demanding that our reference points come from an internal source. The deep message of our time is that the ultimate guidance and authority must be found within. Who is responsible for your health, your spiritual well being, your learning, your personal relationships, your financial security? You are, of course. Self-responsibility and internal authority are sisters who travel together.

The era in which we now live is heralding a remarkable opportunity for many of us to grow up psychologically and spiritually. This maturation gives us the means to live authentic lives based, not on what we are told we are, but on who we have discovered ourselves to be. We are being asked to step forward responsibly and create our own lives and a new world, not in isolation, but in concert with the great web of life which holds every living being. To achieve this end we must be able to be clear and recognize truth when we hear it. We must be able to release, transform or transmute that which is no longer relevant and we need to have the wisdom to know what is truly needed and what is not. We must feel secure within ourselves and be able to hear the voice of our own hearts and souls. These are all capacities that come with the development of the internal world.