Protection Practices:

In a changing, hectic world that is often filled with stressed people, we can all use help keeping ourselves together in a calm and peaceful way.

This CD set will guide you through eight energy practices designed to teach you how to care for yourself, so you may travel through your day safely and effectively, minimizing any stress that may surround you. You will learn how to protect and heal your electro-magnetic field, your emotional body, your etheric body and your heart.

In addition, you will be shown how to stabilize your own frequencies while with others and more!

$20 for the 2 disc set **

New Earth Grounding & Advanced Alignment:

The exercises on this CD help you connect to the new frequencies which are now opening in the earth. Grounding through these frequencies exponentially increases your capacity to hold light and higher consciousness. You will learn how to ground holographically. The advanced alignment practice shows you how to powerfully and safely accelerate your energy field, bringing you to amazing levels of clarity, vitality and self awareness. How you express these new potentials is limited only by your own imagination!

$15 for the CD **

The Energetic Core

This book is a clear, concise self-study guide designed to give readers a practical understanding of their subtle energy system:  What it is, how to care for it and how to use it to increase vitality, clarity and health.  This guide contains a wealth of information and detailed, well-explained exercises that teach readers both basic skills and advanced energetic practices.


$17.50 for the book. **

This exciting 3 Volume Audio Set contains exercises covered in Care and Feeding of the Energetic Core. Join Karen Custer as she leads you through 16 powerful practices that can help you increase your clarity, stamina, ability to problem solve creatively and connect with your true Self.

$30.00 for the CD set **
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$22.50 MP3 Format
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$45.00 if book and CDs are purchased together. **
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