The Energetic Core

The Energetic Core runs through the center of the physical body, comprising the most subtle portion of the human bio-field. The Core contains our essence-- what is left when we remove form, feeling and thought. It is primarily through the Core that we are literally linked to all that is. The distinction between me and not-me at this level of being becomes much less meaningful. Everything simply is. There is no separation. What is experienced is Self meeting Self.

The Core contains our essence -what is left when we remove form, feeling and thought.

Paradoxically, one can arrive at this place in consciousness through two opposite paths: the path of inclusion and the path of detachment. Stripping away our attachments allows us to know we are not the thought, the feeling, the sensation we are experiencing. Peeling away the layers of perception and identification, brings us to a state of great emptiness. Buddhists have called this emptiness, no-thingness. Having arrived, we can know 'I am no-thing'. Conversely, we can proceed on a path of greater and greater inclusion, accepting and acknowledging everything in our experience. We accept the thought, the feeling, the sensation, the situation, the environment, the planet, the sun, the heavens. We hold all and come to know 'I am everything'. The consciousness of 'I am nothing' and 'I am everything' meet at a place where they are both true because in the deeper reality, there are no opposites.

Your access point to this deeper reality is within your Energetic Core. By working with the Core consciously, you can activate and accelerate its development. What you gain personally is the opportunity to take the short road to wholeness and self-realization. The conscious use of energy exercises is a not substitutes for dealing with issues of attitude, commitment or integrity. This technology does, however, provide you with an effective way to implement your choices, your truth and your commitment because you are working at such a deep, fundamental level of being.

Anatomy of the Core

Within the Core are two axis. One is vertical and the other horizontal. The embodied portion of the vertical axis (VA) sits in the center of the physical body running from the crown of the head through the pelvic bowl. Depending on the individual, this axis can extend varying distances in both directions. The horizontal axis (HA) extends out perpendicularly from the vertical axis. As with the VA, the HA can range in size. Both axis have functions on personal and transpersonal levels.

The VA is the first axis we must secure. The horizontal axis can only be worked with effectively after there is degree of mastery with the VA. To hold the VA, means that

1) the areas in the pelvis and crown are energetically open and
2) there is good energy flow between these two points.

This connection constitutes is called our alignment. The VA is masculine in nature and relates to the connection of Heaven and Earth. The strength of our vertical alignment largely determines the amount of clarity we hold. When our alignment is strong, our inner perceptions are less distorted and much more reliable. This axis contains the "inner operations manual". and the deep essence, so that movement toward this axis is literally movement toward our truest nature. What is meant by "inner operations manual" in this context is that just as a seed contains all the genetic codes for the plant it will become, so the VA is encoded with all the information and knowledge needed for an individual's unfoldment and ultimate enlightenment.

This axis becomes a stable reference point which allows us to explore, deepen, heal, release and energetically integrate in the safest way possible. Living from the Core gives us a way of securing ourselves across all internal and external conditions. Achieving this state opens the door of self-mastery. What is so beautiful about this axis is that when we have found it, we can know that no matter what happens, we will never loose ourselves. We are linked to our essence, to what is most enduring. Psalms #23 reads, "Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil, for thou are with me, thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me". The rod and staff represent this divine axis within you. Having found it, you may rely on it with the certainty that comes not from faith but from gnosis or knowing.

Securing your alignment allows you to secure your own internal guidance system which exists beyond the level of your personality. The Core is of Spirit. What we must always remember in working with our Core is that we are meeting a living consciousness with whom we co-create. The nature of Core consciousness is to evolve. Evolving to new levels of consciousness, however, requires energy. Strengthening the alignment begins to activate the Core. This activation initiates several effects:

1) a widening of the VA
2) a lengthening of the VA
3) a raising of Core vibratory rate
4) a unification of the Core and
5) developing and activating the peripheral circuitry in the horizontal axis.

In addition, when developing the Core, we are participating at a much larger level in a collective journey of consciousness and evolution. In fact, it is through the claiming of this essential Self that we are able to make our true contribution to the world.

The horizontal axis (HA) holds the point of interface with the outer world. Through this axis we feel our connection to others and our environment. The HA is feminine in nature and relates to the time-space continuum. Along this axis we encounter duality--the place of polarities and opposites: female and male, past and present, light and dark, inner and outer. And because we meet them here, we can also resolve and integrate them here. If we can liken the VA to a rod or sword, then we see in the HA the chalice or bowl. Truly these two axis are our own chalice and sword, the divine forces of the feminine and masculine. When we balance them, we create the ground for the emergence of the divine androgyne or the divine marriage. From that union comes the cosmic Self who is capable of an entirely different manner of living.

When we extend our field out, we do so on the HA. If our VA is strong and clear, then this extension is healthy and energizing. If there is a good balance between the two, then we become a chalice or container that can heal and transform what it holds. If we extend out without a strong V A, we will experience fragmentation and depletion. We will also tend to take on the frequency and patterns of those around us. Another way to say this is that if we do not have a strong reference to our inner alignment, we will more easily reference and resonant with the frequencies outside of ourselves. If we are maintaining the VA properly as we are expand our HA, we can remain in our truth and compassion and connect profoundly with others.

When the HA is accessed through the heart, a universal womb is tapped into which can hold and transform the world. As with the VA we must first start with our own world, our own inner polarities, before we can truly bring benefit to the greater whole around us. Because this axis involves the time-space continuum, when there is mastery within the HA, this axis can be used for non-local or long distance healing.